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Positive Affirmations

Happy Thursday, thought I would leave some positivity for you today. I know the weather is probably gloomy where you are and that makes our minds go off to negative land. So read these out loud or create your own, I will say it again, affirmations do wonders for me and hope they help some of you as well. Self-love, is very important and if the weather is something that triggers you emotions then this is a great time to practice affirmations. Sending positive vibes and sunshine to you all…..

Ms. Fran

A Mom is Sentenced Too: 79 days and counting! 😔

Some days are better than others, I cry, I laugh, I worry. I wait for his emails like I’m waiting for a tax check to come through the mail. Lol ok, I needed that laugh! I’m up early this morning after crying my little heart out. I miss my son so much, my heartaches like hell. Why does it hurt so bad? I don’t wish this pain on anyone, I can’t fix it, Lord, momma can’t fix and I feel horrible. There’s nothing I can do. I pray and pray, hoping God hears my prayers. Again there are days that I’m so busy the time just passes by. Then there are days like this one where I can only think where did it all go wrong. How long does he have to be back there? Hasn’t he been punished enough? I mean there are real freaking criminals out here. His little boy is going up before his eyes and it pains me that he is missing the little things. His father still hasn’t called or written him. I wonder if he is up like me, shit I doubt it! You have to be a real piece of shit to not care about your son being locked away like some animal. I know that he’ll be ok and I know God has his back. I just need to see him and lay my eyes on him. I’m supposed to go there next weekend for Easter. I just need to look in his eyes to see for myself if he’s ok. My baby boy, smh! My heart is being sentenced too. The love for a child is a whole other ’love’.

Ms. Fran