Gratitude Journal 6/24/18📓

-2 Peter 3:9

Lord, thank you for your long-suffering patience.

You know that sometimes it takes me a few tries to understand your will for me.

Sometimes I get impatient in my turn, seeing so clearly what someone else should do, and I get almost angry when they do not heed my advice.

It’s easy to think that if they only listened to me, they would save themselves some trouble!

But impatience and pushiness will only create a rift between us.

Let me instead be patient with them as you are with me.


Ms. Fran

Have a Beautiful Sunday💕


Why self-care is so important for good mental health • The Anxious Empath

Self-care isn’t going to cure your mental health condition, but it will go a long way towards helping you maintain a positive headspace and your wellbeing.
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Loved this post, thought I would share😊

Today I Took Care of Me….💆🏽‍♀️💅🏾

After a long week of work, I got off and decided to take care of me!!

Treated myself to a mani & pedi, even fell asleep during the process!

Then, I came home and decided to give my face a little love. A 20-minute charcoal face mask to remove blackheads and open pores.

I had a nice hot shower and now I’m off to bed, feeling all clean and sparkly🌟😊

It’s so important to take care of yourself, even if it’s little small things!

My mind is clear and I’m ready for a good nights rest!😴

Hope you all enjoyed today!!

Have a great night!!!!

Ms. Fran😊

It’s Friday…😄

Happy Friday bloggers, we made it through another week!

I for am so happy to be feeling like a star⭐️

I didn’t have any bad thoughts this week and I didn’t take a drink!!! Yay Me🙌🏾👍🏾

Well off I go to get my day started, wishing you all the best day😊💕

Ms. Fran

Gratitude Journal 📓 6/22/18

We know that we will go through desert times and difficulties, but we also have the assurance that your love brings joy.

We see this over and over in the Bible, as the exile returns home or God raises up a leader to champion the forsaken.

We see this in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

God of joy, thank you!

Have a great Friday,

Ms. Fran😌