A Little Wine Humor!

I figured since I have been so down lately I would drink some wine tonight before bed, was so upset what hubby still until he walk through the door with a BIG bottle. Best hubby ever, lol!! I just needed some wine tonight, head has been hurting and I’m still puzzled about what’s going with my damn skin. I plan on going to urgent care this weekend once I get settled down, this is one busy week. Had a pretty good day again today, the kids are getting ready for Halloween and driving me nuts. They are cute when they are sitting their little butts down crafting, and they stay quite just to get into that Treasure Box at the end of the day. Well I’m on my 2nd glass and feel kind of relaxed tonight, hopefully I can get some rest and wake up refreshed. This South Carolina weather is trying me nuts, feels like I maybe coming down with something. Heat in the morning, air by the end of the day. Hope you all had a great day, have been reading some really great post lately. You all rock and glad I decided to follow all of you, keep up the good work. Chat soon darlings!!!

Ms. Fran


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