Mid-Day Funk!

Afternoon all, the day is going rather well at little hot and it makes me so crazy to have heat on in the morning, t-shirt by afternoon. I’m starting to slide into a little funk right now and really wish I could just shake this. My son called with good news about his situation, but then he needed my help financially and I wasn’t able to help. This makes me feel so sick to my stomach as a mom, I have always help provide for him. Now he hasn’t ever ask for me to pay any of his bills or food, he has manage to stay on top of that. I might send him money for a shirt or game for his Xbox, but he needs much more now and I can’t give him a damn dime. Thank God his father is helping, hell he owe him that for not being a very good dad. My hubby is paying all the bills here and I could ask him, but he doesn’t want anything to do with this situation with my son. It seems so selfish and trifling to me but instead of cursing him out, I’m just going to pray for him. My hubby is horrible at crisis and would rather pack up and run instead of facing the problem. So I’m stuck feeling worthless and like a BAD mom, he’s a good kid and I just want to be able to help him just this one time. Oh well, I’m about to get ready for school and watch this little monsters and goblins come in extra high-spirited today. It’s Friday so can’t wait to lay it down tonight, chat soon darlings!!!

Ms. Fran


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