Mid-Day Thinking!!

Greetings, just woke up from a very short nap with yet more things on my mind. I was sitting at my desk before going to work with the kiddos, when I start thinking about my on son. He seems pretty bummed out over what he clearly did to himself, but how can I boost his self-esteem when I barely believe in reality myself. Prayers works Yes I Know! I just wish every time I was encouraging him, I could really believe in what I say. I know that God is going to bring him out better than before and he will have this mistake behind him. He is a great kid and a hard worker, but the more people who don’t call back, the more sadder he seems. Now, I’m wonder is depression building up in him? Have I somehow made him think it’s ok to feel sad, discouraged, worthless and hopeless? I mean it’s ok not to be ok, but I don’t wish the way I feel or go through on any damn body. Oh well maybe I’m overthinking as usual, stay tuned…..

Ms. Fran


2 thoughts on “Mid-Day Thinking!!

  1. perrycl1977 says:

    Thank you for your transparency. I think as you encourage him you’re also in a way encouraging yourself. Ask him his feelings about what he’s going through and how he’s feeling and offer no judgement. It will make him feel safe to open up to you in future instances. One thing you don’t want is him closing off his feelings and not talking about how he feels to anyone. It’s so hard out here for our young black men and they are taught just like us to suck it up and carry on like a man should. However, that only makes situations worse by repressing the feelings. He’s probably crying inside when what he should be doing is releasing it, releasing those emotions. We end up with bitter, unemotional, angry men all because they too look at sadness as a weakness. He knows he’s disappointed you and even more so himself….and that’s the last thing he wanted to do, but it happened. Lessons are being learned for his growth. He will turn out just fine. You’ve done a fantastic job. Trust in yourself.

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    • blackgirldown says:

      My gosh thank you for your encouraging words. I find it hard to talk to him because I don’t want him to close up, he is a great kid and I do know this will turn out fine! Thank you for reading!!


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