It’s Back To Normal Over Here!

Hello all, hoping you had a great Thanksgiving holiday and hope you all enjoyed your family. Got to spend time with my two favorite family members and we had a great Thanksgiving dinner just the 3 of us. Was feeling a little blue most of the time but tried to save face for my boys, why oh why can’t depression/anxiety take a vacation for a while. Between my birthday weekend and Thanksgiving I have bottled up all these feelings, now I have 2 weeks of catching up on my damn sadness. I havent had anytime to myself and I really need to get the hell away from life just for a little while. Well at least I got the decorations put up and the house looks really pretty, I will light everything up tomorrow. After doing all that work, I look around at the decorations and can’t get happy with this cloud that’s hanging over our heads here at home. I try to stay strong for my son, but it gets harder every day. This situation has to get resolved and resolved quick, I can’t imagine my baby in some jail cell with real criminals. He really is a good kid and I hope and pray that the  Lord hears our prayers. Well like my title said, “it’s back to normal over here”. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran


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