It’s Only Wednesday…Good Grief???

Well it’s only  Wednesday, it seems like I have so much to do and so little time. Got up this morning feeling good and ready for the day, then I found out it’s only Wednesday. I could have sworn it was Thursday, just so ready for the weekend. I have been running myself and my brain like crazy, and yet I haven’t accomplished anything I set out to do. I haven’t paid any attention to my book or did anything to get my brand up and running. I have missed deadlines and meetings with people who really want to help me. Then I started thinking was this meant to be, I guess I feel kind of sad that no one in my family supports me and a couple of my friends. Thinking on this made me realize that everybody doesn’t want to see you grow. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get this up and going, hell I started my cleaning business 22 years ago without Social Media and family/friends. Somehow this seems different…….hmmm! Oh well not going to let that get me down, I will prosper and this shit will take off. I just got to get motivated and find time for myself and stop worrying about people who could careless about me. This weekend it’s on and popping!!!! Well have a Wonderful Wednesday all… soon!

Ms. Fran


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