I think I will try this more often!!!😉

Massages are one of my most favourite things in the world. If I could, I'd go every week, sometimes twice depending on the week. Massages are proven to be good for us physically but also mentally. For most, they are very stress-reducing. The problem? The cost. Massages can be very expensive. I used to have benefits to get massages but no longer do, so I only go when I get one as a gift. But, if you find massages de-stressing, try looking into a local massage therapy school. Most cities have at least one massage therapy school which offers massages at very reduced prices, as they need volunteers to help their students practice! If you have found massages relaxing in the past, but don't like the big bill, try looking into massage therapy schools in your area and ask about reduced pricing – it is very worth it! #mentalhealth #massage #relax #detente #destress #breathe #reduce #mood #serotonin #massagetherapy #spa #spaday

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