This is what they keep telling me…

Happy Saturday all, finally dragged myself back out the bed and came to my desk to get some work done. Wasn’t feeling the best again this morning, so I got up and fixed breakfast for my son and I,  really like that I get to cook for him like I use too, I hate seeing him so depressed but I think he’s coming around. We have always had a good relationship and I love are talks we have, but lately they have become arguments because he just doesn’t get life at all. I mean his way of thinking is so far off from what I taught him and it saddens me so much. They keep telling me my problems will make me stronger, but I just feel so weak and confused. So I decided that we will agree to disagree about how he will live his life. I just wish he would listen to some of the advice I’m giving him so he won’t end up in the same situation I did. Oh well kids…..can’t live with them and you can’t kill’em. Lol that made me laugh, I needed that. It’s Saturday so I’m just going to enjoy me some cocktails and finish writhing this damn book, I have decided to turn it into an ebook since I have more than enough for that. So friends hope you all are having a better day than me, chat soon…..

Ms. Fran


7 thoughts on “This is what they keep telling me…

  1. oldpoet56 says:

    I hope that your day’s get better, that you find something to pour your Soul into that will bring you a smile each day, maybe your book, do your best to not let depression have any part of you or your day. I pray that you and your son will find inner peace each day.

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