Holiday Stress isn’t the same as Depression!!!

Good evening all, I’m going to make this short and to the point. I just got home and my anxiety level is way up, more on that later. So this morning I had a house to clean which consisted of a deep clean (baseboards, windows, ceiling fans). This client calls me about 3 times a year and I make good money when she calls. So today I wanted to slap her rich ass silly, I walked in and her face is cherry red, hair looking like a mop and she was sweating. I ask her ” are you alright”, feeling a bit concern and hoping she doesn’t get sick while I’m there. Then she replied, ” I’m so stressed because I have a 150 people coming for my husbands party”. Blank stare (I have been doing this a lot)….She then pops a damn Xanax….I’m wanted to really go off on her, hell I’m cleaning the damn house, you are using caters for the food. So tell me again why the hell you are stressed? I’m just so damn dumb founded how many people take this stress thing likely. I wanted to tell her walk a damn mile in my head, she would really understand what it felt like to be stressed. A damn party???? I wish that was my biggest problem, hosting a party. Crying as I type this because I had a really rough day today and she gets to pop pills and complain about a party… This really makes me so mad, that some “rich chick” can get treatment for holiday stress and most of us can barely afford the meds and therapy. Ok, let me calm down blood pressure is up very high right now. Well I just needed t get that off my chest and remember to let people know, holiday stress comes and goes. Depression sometimes in certain people can last forever, know the damn difference…Chat soon!!!


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