Good early morning!!😊

I’m up it’s about 5:11 a.m. my time and my stomach is growling. Super hungry this morning and I think I’m about to fix me some food! I love breakfast can eat it anytime of the day. Slept pretty good last night and even had a crazy dream. Lol I have them a lot lately, hell only my crazy brain could produce crazy dreams. While I’m up I’ll check out some blogs, I really enjoy reading them. I get so many ideas from everyone, like I said I’m horrible at writing (cause I write like I talk). You think I would have learned something in college, lol!!! I just hate writing so forgive me if my sentences run on, or if my comma isn’t in the right place. My Writing professor would be so embarrassed. Well I’m about to get up and cook, chat soon darlings!!!

Ms. Fran 🙂


2 thoughts on “Good early morning!!😊

  1. Bradley says:

    I have the same problems as you. I tend to put commas everywhere. Also I use the wrong words. For example, I know the difference between “There,” “Their,” and “They’re,” but when I type you never know which one is going to come out. You’re forgiven.

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