Morning Thoughts, Sleepless Nights!!

This quote was right on time this morning, last night I had a bad attack last night and I was scared to fall asleep. Everything just piled up on my mind at once, my son, my life, my relationships. Hearing about the passing of Debbie Reynolds dying just a day after her child, got me to thinking about my son. The court case is looming over our heads and he has to be back in Texas in January. I just want this stuff to be over, I would just die if my son had to do jail time. Just those 7 days he was back there like to kill me. So I got to wonder if it’s selfish of me to love him so much?? Someone once told me when I first had him, “that loving him to much, God would take him away”! Now, I can’t remember the idiot who said this but I never forgot it. I know this isn’t good for my marriage, but I think he understands just how much I love my son. I just want his life to be better than mines, no detours on the way to jail. No, I just can’t stand the thought of it! I’ve been sick still all week and I can’t shake it off! I’m trying to remain positive so it won’t worry him but it’s so hard. So I suffer in silence and then go into full attack mode. Didn’t want to fall asleep last night because I didn’t believe I would wake up. I’m just a mess this morning, but I’m going to pray hard as I exit my bed. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran


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