Back to Reailty!!!😒

Well happy 2nd day in the New Year, I’m finally home from the beach!!! And wouldn’t you know it , I got decisions to make already!! Seriously this is why I drink, lol!! Being a responsible adult is hard, being at that beach got me thinking that’s where I should spend the rest of my life. No mail, no clothes, just cute drinks and the ocean breeze. Well I guess I have to put my big girl pants  on and tackle this year!!! I will try to take responsibility of my emotions, it just seems so easy to manage my brain at the beach. They should make you spend time at the beach instead of a mental hospital, lol because it really worked for me!! So I’m going to finally embrace this new year, I can’t wait to see how this will work out!!!??Chat soon…

Ms. Fran 2017


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