Dreams 😌

Well what a day, the kiddos were in full play mode today!!! It’s a new Year and them little boogers are still the same. Lol! This got me to thinking about what the future holds, at night my dreams are so organized. Everything I want to do seems just a step away, and then I wake up! I wake up and try to implement what I dream only to hit road blocks and obstacles. How can this be??? Does anyone else have this happen?!? My boss wants to upgrade me to full time, but then I wonder…do I really want this?? I’m a boss and I like calling the shots. Financially I have to stay there another year or so, also I’m not young anymore. I have to settle on something, and that’s where my dreams come in to play! How do I get what I dream about? How do I make these dreams come true? Why do my dreams play tricks on me? There I go over thinking as usual, my mind goes a mile a minute in fast motion!!! Oh well maybe the dreams I have tonight will tell me how to get around the hard stuff!!! Let’s see if this quote is true….good night!!!!

Ms. Fran😌


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