Note To Self #1


Good morning all, woke up kind of crazy this morning had an anxiety attack from what I can’t remember.  I’m about sick of having these attacks, can’t wait until I get to the docs and get better meds.  Well my dreams last night were kind of spooky and crazy, I kept thinking maybe I shouldn’t have complained about the good dreams yesterday. One of our fellow bloggers purplebutterfly964 told me to “pay attention to my dreams and pray for clarity”, well does that include the crazy spooky ones? I can’t shake that feeling off this morning, my chest is hurting, body aching, and head feels like a truck hit me. Well I have decided today not to let that get me down, I looked in the mirror and was tempted to get discourage, then I said “hey you not today”!! And like this quote said, I’m going to start finding something good in everyday. I don’t know how long that may last, but for now I have to try anything to overcome the disease this year. Depression takes over your life, and it caused me to delay so many of my plans last year. Having no motivation, barely getting anything done. So I didn’t make a resolution, but something has to give. I got to get motivated about this year and take my life back.  On a positive note I did get the last 3 chapters of my e-book done, it’s about ready for editing. I’m super excited about my story and hope my book can help others who are also stigmatized by their mental illness. There use to be nothing that could keep this Diva down, but depression is something else. So find something good in this day, even if it kills ya! Chat soon…

Ms. Fran


9 thoughts on “Note To Self #1

  1. purplebutterfly964 says:

    I don’t know what to tell you about your spooky dreams, but mine always tells me something. I’m hoping that your anxiety gets better and you feel better soon. I’m also very excited about your e-book coming out! Congratulations! ☺

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  2. Nikki says:

    Hey there! I had some anxiety last night as well as I tried to lay down and get some sleep. I had a bad dream , too! I woke up and I prayed about the anxiety and was like I have got to stop this madness and sleep. So, after I prayed I redirected my mind to think about all of the good things I wanted to do or imagined my future. The next thing you know I was dreaming about Usher lol! Well, I got some sleep and I hope you get some rest tonight as well.

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