Dreams the Sequel!! 😜

Well well, good afternoon bloggers hope you all are having an excellent Friday!!! Woke up this morning feeling great, but you would never believe why!!!!??? (Only adults over 18 need to read this) 🤗

So remember a couple of days ago I was so happy and mad at the same time about my dream. Was questioning why life couldn’t be as perfect? Well the next night the dream was so spooky I had an anxiety attack and it scared the hell out of me!!! Bringing me to last night, now I’m not a BIG fan of male strippers because no real man looks that damn good, lol!! Well last night they filled my dream with nothing but Buffy, hunky, no shirt or pants men!!!😋 Yessss!!! My dream was so sexually explicit I’m to shy to repeat it to you!!!! (not that shy) Nothing but dancing naked men all the way through the dream, now remember me also telling  you all one of our fellow bloggers told me to pray for clarity. Lol lord I think I know what this one meant on my own, lol!!! I haven’t had that much sex in a life time, lol ok maybe!!!! Let’s just say I needed a shower a little earlier this morning. I don’t why my brain is playing tricks on me. This has been a long week, I really need to get out vacation mode and come back to reality. The stories of my life….wow what a ride!!! Chat soon!

Ms. Fran🤗


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