May my Dreams come True!!!

Wow what a long day, my body has completely shut down for the night! I had a little energy about lunch and then it went down hill  from there. Some days are better than others as you all know, but praying for more better days! Feeling a little PO with myself because I did nothing towards getting my ebook done! I set such high goals for the week and then nothing gets done. Oh well maybe in my dream life tonight, it’s all done and ready for my debut!!!  So I will turn in now and say my prayers, wishing myself a better day tomorrow!!! On a lighter note, I finally received my insurance cards but now worried if I go for my Meds and start therapy will my job find out!? It’s bad enough everyone else thinks I’m a little nuts, I don’t want them to think I’m to unstable to take care of kids.🙄 It’s always something or maybe I’m over thinking as usual…Gd night all!!! 

Ms. Fran


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