When things get bad!!

Well it’s me, no makeup, no clothes! Just a gown and so much pain behind these glasses. I finally had to come be seen, just couldn’t take how I was feeling all weekend!! I’m in a dark dark place and I need help!! I wouldn’t wish this pain on anybody, I feel helpless and weak!! My mind has just taking over right now, thinking I my let them admit me! Maybe being in the hospital will get people around me to believe it!! It’s not in my brain, well technically it is, but you get the point!!! I’m crying because my son has to see me this way, I’m supposed to be the mom! The one that lifts him up and now I feel like a burden. My emotions are all over the place, will keep you all posted!!! Chat soon…

Ms. Fran


19 thoughts on “When things get bad!!

  1. unscriptedcafe says:

    Thank you for being so brave to post your struggle, and your request for help. We all benefit from seeing strong, brave people like yourself saying, “I cannot do this alone.” You are in our thoughts, and you have the collective love of this community behind you.

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