Day One of Self Care!!

Happy Monday, so I made it to my appointment and my anxiety level is sky high. Nervous and feeling some type of way about this first assessment. Now you all know I’m black, and love my people but they are partly the reason I’m so upset in the first place. I walk in and the whole damn staff black???? They ask me why I’m here? You look to pretty to be here!!! Well thanks for the compliments, but I’m here like every other person to get help!!! *Blank Stare* I wonder do they ask all the patients why they here??? I just don’t get my black people, it’s ok to seek help and NO I don’t look sick but I am!!! I’m seeking to keep from staying that way, just pisses me off!! Oh well not going to let that stop me, I’m here and will fill you in on the day!!!! Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran 


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