It Went Well!! Day of #1 of Self Care!!!

Well my appointment has come to an end, and after the BS at the beginning I think it went well!!! He was so please that I was so open and wanted to share my story. The questions kept coming and I kept talking, had a small attack in front of him and he said it was fine!!! He believed me….he actually realized I have a problem and wants me to seek help!!! No judgement, no rolling of the eyes, no behind my back talk. He actually believed that I have come to the end of the rope and was only barely scrapping by!! They want me to start off with a full schedule of group sessions at the beginning and I can pick which works for me. Really happy I decided to reach out and help myself, I don’t know what path I was heading on!!! The path to nowhere at all!! So I’m ready and wiling to put all my business out there, flawed and all! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran 


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