Feeeling A Little Out Of Whack!!

It’s on Tuesday and my body feels like it’s been fighting hard all week, I feel pretty exhausted this morning with no pep in my step. Used my meds to sleep last night, been taking cough meds for a week and finally thought I could get some sleep without hacking up a damn lung. Really feeling out of whack today, just can’t get it together. I’m not really stressing about anything to major, just have that feeling if I get to happy something is lurking around the corner to spoil it all for me. Have to go over to dads today, not mad with him  at the moment so the visit should be pretty peaceful. So I will actually sit while he showers and listen to those old ass stories from his lavish past. Sometimes I just have to be the bigger person and let all the old shit go. I will then head off to the school today, the kiddos are ready for the week as always. They trip me out, because I have some new hair this week and they can’t for the life of them figure out if I’m wearing a wig!!! Lol kids!!! Since it’s about to be Valentines Day soon, I have been hearing their little convos about what they want or getting their boyfriends/girlfriends. They take that stuff serious too, teddy bears and cards to cute. Well hope you all are having a Terrific Tuesday and find something positive to smile at today. Chat soon…

Ms. Fran


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