Only Wednesday…good grief!!!

As you can tell, I’m already ready for this week to come to an end. Good morning, didn’t sleep well last night took my meds about 2 a.m. and now I’m barely woke. Feeling groggy, slow and just plain sluggish. Friday can’t get here fast enough, I have some plans and feel exhausted just thinking about it. Still really bummed about not being able to receive help this morning, I still can’t believe I bought into the hype that things were going to work out for me. I feel 2017 is shaping up to be like ’14, ’15, and ’16. Oh well I’m going to try and find something good in this day, I prayed hard last night and realized that I’m pretty much stuck for right now. If I could think my way out of this depression…I really would. Just so unbearable, I hate living like this. Living with uncertainty of how my mood is going to be at any given time. I hate what this disease does to my mind. Well folks have a great Wednesday and don’t forget to find something positive in the day. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran


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