Yayy!! T.G.I.F

Good morning/afternoon all, as you can tell I’m so happy Friday is here. This has been another long week and I’m glad it’s over. Don’t feel I accomplished much this week, still just can’t believe my insurance company left me hanging like that. I have decided to call them and possibly change to another one for now. I also will connect with the head person at my job to see why they don’t care to cover mental health. I need some answers, because this is very important to me and my mental state. Well I don’t want to get off on a rant today, just hoping this weekend I can get some rest and relaxation from my brain. Don’t have much plan, so it’s me and my TV with pj’s the rest of the weekend. Looking forward to watching some shows I recorded on my DVR, and maybe something stiff to drink. The weather is supposed to be cold again, so in the house I will be. Hope you all are enjoying the day so far. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran


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