Dream: A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Have you ever wondered why, some dreams come true and others don’t? I must have dreamed the same dream a thousand times. I was wondering about this very thing when I ran across this quote. I had a very interesting dream the other night and NO it wasn’t one of  those kind, lol!! It was a dream that I had for some time now and just hoping it comes true one day. Then I started to wonder if any dream I ever had come true. Guess what it did I think, I use to dream about planting flowers and growing veggies. One day four years later I was doing just that, when we brought our home. Now, I’m confused…was that a prayer or a dream? 

The other day on the news, a guy said he went to sleep and dreamed he won the lottery. Well next day he was $250,000 dollars richer, now why did his dream come true? I must have had that dream a thousand times, lol and some of ya’ll too. So why didn’t it happen for me? Am I doing this whole dream thing wrong? Is there a certain way we need to dream? What makes us dream? Shit I feel cheated sometimes, lol!!! I know this post may seem crazy, but I was really thinking this and kind of need to get to the bottom of this dream mystery. I don’t even dream of the crazy shit. you know…money, houses, or being famous. I just have simple little dreams that wouldn’t take much to fulfill. Oh well I’m going off to bed and hope for the best dream ever…gd night!!!




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