Bath Time Chronicles #3

So here we go, I’m relaxed with a cocktail and music! House is empty for now, just me and the pup!!! Wow I survived another week, had some good days and some bad but I survived. Thinking God is having me stick around for something…still not sure what!!! Well I have decided to finally hit the publish button this weekend, I have wrestled with this for a minute. Remember me telling y’all how scared I am to publish. Like I’m seriously having some anxiety just showing off the cover. Then Beyoncé “Formation” blares from my Beats Pill!!! As I’m shaking my naked butt in this tub, I realize I use to slay all the time!!!! So I’m getting in formation to beat this disease and tell my story. There will be critics but that’s how I get better!!! They will hate, but I will be ready!! Depression is not who I am!!!!  I will gather up the courage and this book will be on sale by the weekend, hell looking for No. 1 on Amazon!!! 😂😂😂 A girl can dream right?!!? So here’s to a great weekend and good reviews on my first ebook!!! I promise to share it with you all first, just to say thanks for reading and finding me so amusing!!! Hell I took chance on this right??

Speaking of that I also decided to launch a YouTube channel, as you know I’m not the best writer!!! Lol so I’m going to talk some of you through my life, good and bad. I’m still coming up with names but how does this sound: Cocktails and Confessions with a little Woman with Depression!!! Is it catchy?!?? Please give me a little feedback and stay tuned….. have the best night all!😀

Ms. Fran


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