I Have All I Need Now!!!

Good evening bloggers, finally home after a long day and yes I’m tired. Those kids keep me on my feet at all times, lately they have all become little “potty” mouths! Lol to funny..this is why I drink. OK maybe their not the reason….lol! So was feeling a little blue on the drive home and of course I was listening to my talk radio again. Well this time I couldn’t find my fav station, so I was fumbling around and then I heard a familiar voice. Mr. Joel Osteen and his funny little jokes at the beginning of his sermon. I stopped and let him play, and wouldn’t you know it God sent another message to me through him. “You have all you need for the time”  and I didn’t get it at first, but that little light came on in my foggy head.????? I was so worried about not making enough money to start paying off them student loans, and was so worried that I just wasn’t in a good position financially. Then God said, “you have all you need” my student loans are not even due yet, so that’ s why I don’t have the money now. I have enough money for the things I need now, wow I just couldn’t believe how dumb I was the other day. I let myself get all bent out of shape, about some loans that aren’t even due yet. I was so convinced that I  needed to find a another job and sell some shoes. All because my brain sends me into overdrive, but God knows what I need when I need it and He will provide it at the right time. Guess what He usually shows up and my mouth drops open every time He comes through. Poor little me, smdh!!! Sometimes I feel like the biggest jerk on Earth…ok the orange dictator has beat me to that, lol but you get my drift. So I will say my prayers and try to sleep with a worry free mind tonight, hoping the day was full of joy for you all..chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran


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