Bath Time Chronicles #4

Good Friday evening all, well it’s my bath time again and I’m feeling so relaxed. It was a long week mentally, but again I made it through. Each day I think this is going to kill me but it doesn’t. The week was full of excitement and lows, and I greeted both with the same enthusiasm. 

So it’s been one week since my little ebook was published, got mixed reviews but just soooo happy I stepped out and published it!!! You only live once right??? Made a few mistakes with the book, but that’s how you learn. Hell I haven’t been in business 22 years if I gave up. So don’t count me out the book game, because I have almost 30 years of stories to tell! And if I help just one soul, a sista is good!! 

Other than that, this week was pretty good, relaxing in my tub takes all the nasty thoughts away. Don’t know if it’s a cure for my depression but it damn sure works for now, lol!!! And of course a little cocktail never hurts either.🍷🍹 So enjoy the rest of the night and sleep peacefully!!! Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran

BlackGirlDown “We Don’t Look Like We Hurt”


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