Monday down, Tuesday to Go!!

Now the only reason I posted this quote was because Ice Cube’s song has been playing in my head, he has been on a number of TV shows promoting his new movie “Fist Fight” and they play his old song every time he walks out. So since I think he is cute as a button, this is for him! lol Today was good, my eye went down, I didn’t have to lose my temper and I didn’t have any negative thoughts. Whew… I made it through Monday!  Now I’m beat, but before I lay down I have a questioned? Am I the only one who is just starting to look at this series “This Is Us”???? Omg, I can’t turn the channel this is a great little show and I can’t believe I have been missing out. My friend finally told me to pull it up on my Firestick and I can’t turn away, so off to bed I go to watch some more episodes until I catch up. Hope you all enjoyed this Monday… soon!!

Ms. Fran



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