Yayy it was!!

Happy Saturday all, finally sat down for minute at my desk to admire my little day that was. I had an awesome day to myself, a little thrift shopping, shopping for my sons bday, and spent a little time at the park. I had several breakdowns , crying for no reason but I kept it moving. I’m just so happy and sad at the same time. This week was pretty hectic mentally and physically, but another week is under my belt. It amazes me everyday that I wake up, because I can’t believe God is keeping me around…oh well not going to complain. The weather was so beautiful, the wind was blowing and I didn’t even care that my weave was messing up. I just enjoyed the day for once without any worries. My life seemed so perfect for once, people were staring at me and not because I looked worried and depressed. They looked at me because I was fabulous and fierce, looking like money. lol!!!! Notice I said looking like money, because I damn sure didn’t have that much in that new bag I was carrying, lol oh well. I was for happy and shopping like I use to do! So my day was full of the things I use to do, before I retreated into the shell I call my house. Shopping for my son was nice today, he’s kind of fly like his mom and very metro sexual so his clothes are a little pricey. I wonder where he got that from????? Wow he’s going to be 21, I can’t believe he has grown up on me. Despite what he is going through, I couldn’t be a prouder mom. Who knew a 19 years old I  could raise such an awesome kid, and I put my life on hold for him then I will do it again and again. He has been a big reason why I took 11 pills instead of 12, because I just don’t think he would survive without me. I certainly don’t think I could without him, he’s my little man and I will forever be his mom no matter what. Oh No….I’m crying again, lol!!! Don’t mind me just reminiscing oh how cute and small he was, now he’s tall, dark and handsome. My little man is no longer a baby anymore, well off the computer I go for tonight. I’m going to listen to some music and probably cry my crazy ass to sleep. lol! Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran


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