He’s 21!!!!!

Happy 21st birthday to my wonderful, smart, funny, and kind son. You are my reason for living and I thank God everyday that I’m here to see you grow into such an incredible adult. You have had many curve balls thrown you way, but you batted them out the park and continued running. I’m always your biggest fan, cheering you on in life good or bad. 21 years ago, you were born to a dumb, uneducated, rebellious teen. You came with no instructions, but I managed to learn and become the best mom possible. I supplied your every need, cried when you fell, laugh when you told corny jokes, and was there for you when dad wasn’t around. Your my hero son, because despite your mistakes you continue to remain positive and steadfast. Your determination is so amazing, I couldn’t be more proud of you son. You are my world, I never thought I could love someone so much and here you go! Many Blessings today son and every other day, may God continue to look over you and direct your steps. I’m the proudest mom ever, continue to do good things baby!!! 

Love Mom



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