My Lent Journey

Usually I fast during this time, and I’m really good at sticking with it. It’s only been about a week since Ash Wednesday, and I’m ready to give up already. Day after day something comes in and tries to distract me from my journey. After saying my prayers this morning, I just often wonder is He hearing me? I so badly want to put away the old me, the scared me, the weary me, and the crazy me. I want to embrace a new way of thinking and living, but it’s like life won’t let me. Every corner I turn there awaits, disappointment, mediocre, not good enough, and you are to far gone. Hoping during this Lent season, some new doors will open for me and for once I can see on the other side. Does life really have to be this hard?? No, I don’t believe it does. Maybe I’m expecting to much, but I thought that’s what I need to do. Have high hopes and dreams. Instead I live afraid, anxious, and sad a lot. It just can’t go on like this, something has to give. Stay tuned………

Ms. Fran


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