Note To Self #7 

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m back in my bed, which is where I kinda wanted to be anyway! I got up early because I had to get over to dads and run errands for him. As I was driving, feeling a bit dizzy and aggravated, I couldn’t help but think 💭 What would they do without me? I’m for real, what the hell would they do? If I’m not thinking of trying to help someone, I’m actually doing it! I’m a secretary, wife, mom, daughter, CNA and whatever else you can add to the titles. And when I even hint at I’m going to rest or lay down, they then call me lazy or say you do nothing all day!! Are you fucking kidding me???? *blank stare*😳 They say we just joking, but I really think they believe that. I’m so exhausted, I feel like I’m about to fall out! Hell maybe if I hit the ground they may believe I’m sick then!! I just need some “me” time! I don’t want to be the leader anymore, I don’t want to be mom, wife, sister, daughter or friend for a whole week! I’m seriously worn out and day by day I feel like I’m going to collapse. So I’m going to cover up my head, and pray the dog or my son doesn’t find me. 😂even the puppy gets a little aggravating, bless his little heart! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday…chat soon!

Ms. Fran


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