Spring Has Sprung!!!

Happy Monday and First day of Spring, it really didn’t feel like that walking the pup this morning. Spring has sprung and usually I’m jumping for joy, because I like nothing better than being in my garden. This is a time of year when my anxiety is pretty low, I love planting flowers and veggies. Planting the seeds gives me something to look forward to when I’m having a bad day, just the look and smell of the beautiful garden makes my heart flutter. Although I haven’t gotten out in the yard yet, due to our prolong winter I do plan on getting out there soon. I’m looking forward to the season, and all that it has to offer. I have so many things planned for myself, just hope the spring time gives me a little more motivation. So today I shall drown out the other part of my brain (the unhealthy mental side), and ring in the new season looking forward to better days. I’m really feeling the changing of the season, even in a place that is generally dark in my life. So heres to a new season, new thinking, and new set of posts, to motivate myself and others.  Have just the best day ever…chat soon!

Ms. Fran


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