On A Lighter Note 📝 

With everything I have going on these last two days, I forgot to mention something good I decided to do. Now, y’all know I’m trying my best to stay positive and keep my spirits up. So this weekend was good, but just one thing kept bothering me! When it came time to go shopping, I dreaded this moment. Any other time you couldn’t pry me from a store, but no more! I have been so stressed out and since I quit drinking so much, I then turned to food. Long story short, my ass has gotten fat!!! I tried on dozens of outfits and just felt so disgusted with myself. I’m only 5’0 and I weigh a 182 lbs. Now most of this weight is in my belly and midsection, not to mention my huge breast. So basically I’m to short to be so chunky, now as I turned to the mirror I knew it was time to do something about this. Of course the guilt and shame comes in, how did I let myself go? With so many things going on inside my brain, I can barely think straight so I just eat. Well I searched the internet and found this ‘Fat Flushing Water’. It’s suppose to burn a little belly fat, lol let’s see how it works. I have been afraid to buy a scale because it will only confirm I’m fat, so I don’t know how I’m going to measure myself. I have also cut out sweets, beer, and alcohol. I don’t know how long this will last, with the state I’m in now but I’m willing to try anything at this point. Seeing myself in those damn 3 mirror dressing room, just made me so sad. (They should be banned) Stay tuned….

 I thought I looked cute in my dress, but it was an Xlarge and I felt huge! Hope this water can help me on a path to better eating!

Ms. Fran


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