It’s Friday and Guess What?? I’m tired….

Good afternoon all, it’s Friday and all I want to do is stay in bed. I was thinking about not coming to work, but I thought about my pitiful paycheck, lol!!! This week was hard, much like most of my weeks. I’m so tired of being tired, I have no energy at all today. The wind is blowing outside, I just wanted to stand there and let it pick me up. Pick me up and blow me some place other than my life. I look like crap again today, my house looks like crap and I have no energy to fix me or the house. Can you believe a difference a weekend makes, last weekend I was so full of life and today I feel like hiding under the covers. Hubby is coming home today, so that means hiding the sadness away. Tucking it under pretty panties, curls, and makeup! I’ve become such a master at hiding my true depressed self. I hate he has to suffer what I’m going through. I guess I’ll have the 6 shots of vodka, lol he probably would enjoy that side of me!!! Well hope you all are having a wonderful Friday…chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran😊


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