Check Out My New Online Store

1dsp-20160113-shopping-006Hey there I got a lot  of things done today, I have been working on some new projects and my online store is finally done. I think I have some pretty good things on there, and some pretty cheap prices. Mostly I will ship things I have in stock for free, and %5 percent of proceeds from my BlackGirlDown Signature items will go towards Transitions Homeless Shelter and MIRCI-Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc. So please Click, Shop, and Enjoy!!! Also please give me any feedback, thanks!


Charlie Brown’s Existential Crisis Saved My Life – The Coffeelicious

What a great read, and a perfect way to sum up what a child having anxiety may understand. I wonder if I was this way as a child, I always felt some type of way but couldn’t explain it. Of course know adult in my life, wouldn’t dare discuss it! I enjoyed this article!

Ms. Fran

I just finished day 6 of the @YouVersion plan ‘Healing Negative Emotions’. Check it out here: