Check Out My New Online Store

1dsp-20160113-shopping-006Hey there I got a lot  of things done today, I have been working on some new projects and my online store is finally done. I think I have some pretty good things on there, and some pretty cheap prices. Mostly I will ship things I have in stock for free, and %5 percent of proceeds from my BlackGirlDown Signature items will go towards Transitions Homeless Shelter and MIRCI-Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc. So please Click, Shop, and Enjoy!!! Also please give me any feedback, thanks!


These Striking Photos Show How Anxiety Really Feels

Glad somebody can put it in pictures for those of you who can’t understand what we go through! 

Ms. Fran

Charlie Brown’s Existential Crisis Saved My Life – The Coffeelicious

What a great read, and a perfect way to sum up what a child having anxiety may understand. I wonder if I was this way as a child, I always felt some type of way but couldn’t explain it. Of course know adult in my life, wouldn’t dare discuss it! I enjoyed this article!

Ms. Fran