Mental Health, Self Care, Depression, Anxiety

Self Care for Anxiety: Create a Nourishing Practice – Blessing Manifesting

Great article from Pinterest, I have made list to try and control my anxiety by creating something to do!!!

Mental Health, Self Care, Depression, Anxiety

Monday Morning Reminder

Good morning, as we all know that Monday is not my day. I took some measures last night to prepare myself this morning. I didn’t nap all day, focused on getting my yard together, looked on my list of goals and tried tackling some of them. By the time I went to bed, I was more than ready and my mind seemed clear. I tried keeping the things I can’t control off of my mind, and I woke up feeling really good. My body isn’t aching and I don’t feel so sluggish..small steps people.  Puppy isn’t feeling well this morning, and the weather is supposed to be bad but I’m not going to let that send me into a panic. It is now the month of April and my son has to be in court this month, we are planning on driving to El Paso, Texas. He said it’s a 24 hour drive so we will take turns, praying we don’t have to go and by some miracle this will just go away. I know that’s wishful thinking, but hey I’m so tired of crying so just want to think positive about the situation. I know this is something I can’t control, just want him to be ok. That’s the worst feeling in the world to know you can’t help your child. Well I’m not going to dwell on it this morning, I will get this day started and see what it has in store for me. Wishing you all a great Monday and a bless week… soon!

Ms. Fran