Happy Easter 🐰🤗

Happy Easter bloggers, been a way for a little bit as we made the drive to Texas. We made it safely, my anxiety level was so damn high while driving at night. It’s a whole new world out here! Really beautiful and seems peaceful. I know I’m suppose to be relaxing, but can’t help but think of the real reason we are out here. Dreading the court case on Tuesday, he seems pretty happy to be back here. Maybe it’s because we get to see his new baby momma🙄! So since it’s Easter Sunday I’m going to remember why this day is important and truly try to enjoy myself. I’m going to take plenty of pics and maybe do some videos for my new YouTube Channel (more on that later)! Hope you all have a beautiful day today, I’m missing all the Easter 🐣 things I usually do with my family! I missed church, but will pray the Big Guy forgives me today!!! I lasted with my fast from Facebook, sweets, and some liquor. Pretty proud of myself after everything that has been going on, so off I go to get all dolled up!!! Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran (from El Paso)🤗