Mental Illness Is On The Rise But Access To Care Keeps Dwindling

No surprise! It will get worse, smh!


It’s Monday

Good morning from Texas, it’s Monday and most of you know by now that I dread it! Today I will try and enjoy the rest of the time here. Monday’s are so cruel to me, praying all goes well! Slept ok with the help ofmeds, so I’m going to shower and put on clothes. We are doing the 3D ultrasound today, pretty excited about that. Can’t wait to see what the new little guy looks like! Well off I go, have a bless week! Chat soon…

Ms. Fran

Good morning what a great article, Prince Harry opens about Mental Illness, it happens to the best of us. Funny thing is when someone famous suffers you all understand. I said I do and then the rolled eyes start, smh!! Stop the stigma, Prince Harry is human and his suffering isn’t any different from mines! 

Ms. Fran