11 Perfect Tweets About Going To Therapy


Seeking therapy shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, liked this article!!!


Today I Shared My Story!

Going Mental, lol I love this!! Yes, today I went a little mental and was telling everyone I could about mental illness and my journey. Today I opened up to some of the teachers at my school, and some parents. To my surprise a parent who was going through a divorce opened up and spilled her guts. I was so happy to share my journey with her and give her some advice, I explain to her it was nothing to be ashamed of and we all go through it. This was the first Monday that I’ve felt good in a while, I threw myself into work and some projects to get the kids ready for the afternoon. My brain was free and clear from all negative thoughts! Yay me, small steps folks, small steps. Hope you all are in full force spreading the word, and it’s ok if you get a little mental for a bit. Chat soon………

Ms. Fran