So I Ran Away👏🏽

I’m gone, no clothes, no dog, no personal belongings! I’m just gone! Tonight my husband treated me like he never liked me or respected me. Now granted he was this way before earlier in the marriage but I thought he changed. NOT!!! He’s mad because I missed a student loan payment, like he didn’t know I’ve been struggling these pass few weeks! He didn’t even look at me, just said “get away from me”! Treated me like I never existed. This hurt me to my core, I’m tired! I’m sleepy, disappointed, sad and mad! I left home, don’t know where I’m going but I’m gone! Screw it all! 



7 thoughts on “So I Ran Away👏🏽

  1. wikedwitchy says:

    F@#k him and the stupid loan, we all make mistakes now go find a pub order several shots of vodka, fill your playlist with bad 80’s love songs stick your headphones in and serenade loudly to the barman. if your a great singer he’ll love you and fill you with praise therefore restoring your faith that men aren’t all pigs and if he hates it oh well it’s his job an he can suck it up, no use feeling it alone eh.

    keep smiling.

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