Today I shared my story again! 😊

Hello everyone, yes I know it’s been a little while. (More on that in next post) I’ve been doing great since my last post a week or so ago. Controlling my thoughts with the help of my new meds and only responding to things I can control. I haven’t felt much like writing, but today I just had to share this beautiful pic of me and my niece at her school. Today I was ask to speak about my Clinical Depression and how it affects me. I was more than happy to share my story and share it with a bunch of high schoolers. We all know that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of deaths of our youth. I was more than please that they actually paid attention, with their hands raised to ask questions. This was the best I felt about myself in a long time and I can’t thank my niece enough for asking me to speak. Despite how I felt a week ago, I now know life might me worth living again….chat soon! 

Ms. Fran😊

BlackGirlDown “We Don’t 

Look Like We Hurt”!


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