If all else fails cook🤗🍽

So I spent my day being very productive, made my bed and didn’t get back in it!! Hive five for me👋🏽 I visited dad, took care of my errands and then decided I wanted to cook! Let me back up, for brief moment right after my post this morning. The devil decided to move in with a sneak attack. Me and the hubby had a 20 minute, you need to find a job talk. Now, what did I tell y’all? One day he has my back, the next day he don’t! It’s like I have my own personal Trump living here😂 Anyway I decided to shake that off and proceed with my day.  So I have thought about putting my energy into things that make me feel good, and cooking is one of them! If I’m not drinking I’m eating, although I have gained a few pounds I still love my food. I will eventually get to the healthy part of my healing real soon, so don’t panic😝 Since I’m a pretty good cook, I sometimes like to experiment with different foods. I’m a southern girl at heart, but hate most southern foods. (more on that later) So here’s a little peek at my Homemade Deep Dish pizza! I don’t really care for pizza chains, so I decided to make up my own version! Im not the best photographer, but I think you all can see how I manage to pull it together. The ingredients are pretty cheap, things you can find right in your grocery store:

  • Italian Hot Sausage
  • Pepperoni 
  • Canadian Ham
  • Bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, jalapeño 
  • 2 cans crushed tomatoes (for homemade pizza sauce)
  • My special seasonings 😉
  • Refrigerated Pizza Crust (not a baker yet)
  • 3 Deep Dish Pans

And there you have it, ingredients for Deep Dish pizza. It isn’t any fancy way to cook it, just put crust in oven, take out, layer ingredients, top with sauce and your done. Here are the pics from the finish product to the beginning. Whoo….I’m exhausted, but my day ended well. So time to turn in for the night, hoping you all have a great one!

Ms. Fran😊

It isn’t the prettiest pie, but it was yummy 😋 


As We Come To End Of May and Mental Health Month!

As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s keep in mind that so many still don’t seek help. While being scared to come forward, stigma and discrimination plays a big role! If you have taken anything away from my posts, please seek help or help a friend/family too. There’s nothing weak about seeking help, and I’m so glad I did. Mental Illness shouldn’t last 31 days, it should last all year. If we continue to talk about it, we can get so many the help they need. I don’t plan on stopping today. I will continue to speak about it, as long as I have breath in my body. 

“There has been a 60% increase in mental health services, with little funding from the government to help us out. 1 in 5 adults have a mental condition, that’s over 40 million Americans. 56% of American adults with a mental illness DID NOT receive treatment”. -Mental Health of America 

Ms. Fran


Wednesday Wisdom!

Good morning bloggers, so overnight since I didn’t sleep again some new ideas were twirling around in my mind. I will be taking my blog in a different direction for just a little while, I will now walk you all through my day as I try to self-heal. One of the things I have decided I need to do is “Stop Believing The Lies”! I have to stop believing what the voices in my head say about me, I’m not some loser who sits back and fails. I’m smart, funny, and worthy. My life has taken a bumpy road, but I can always get off. So I don’t know what this will do for me mentally, hell I’m willing to try anything to get well again. So please be patient with me as I try something new…..Chat soon!

“I’m Worthy”

“I Have A Purpose”

Ms. Fran