Thursday’s Thought!

Good morning, woke up feeling a bit groggy. I feel like I didn’t get enough sleep, but I know I did. Today is my fist therapy appointment, kind of nervous about that since the man in the intake side made me mad. As nervous as I feel, I know right now this is the best thing for me. So I’m going to go in there with an open mind. I have also decided to sign up to become a mentor to a child in a foster home. I figured that would keep me busy if I got out and started volunteering. I know that I have so much to offer! Also I have tons of projects in the works, so hoping I can devote a little more time to them since I’m not working right now. Well with that being said, I’m going to get my day started and leave you all with some  Thursday Thoughts!!!! Chat soon….

“Thursday Thoughts”

Believe in yourself and push the limits

Do things that make you happy, NOT the world

Remove the stress from your life

Remember God doesn’t make mistakes

You are a work in progress

God isn’t finish with you yet (my fav)

Life is what you make it

Your past should be just that

Today could just be the day