Bath Day Chronicles 🍷

It’s almost 5 o’clock my time, the curtains are drawn, the tub is hot and the music is blaring. The middle of day I’m taking a hot bath. After cleaning up behind my son and hubby, I was pissed off! It’s 3 people living here, but feels like I’m cleaning for a family of with kids😡So after chewing them both out, I decided to take some time for me. Some time for me in the middle of the damn day! My tub is steaming hot, as I type this post my glasses are fogging up!!!! Yes it’s that hot!!!! Of course I didn’t forget my bath salts and wine!!! A perfect $1 store kit for anxiety.  So let me enjoy this music and peace…chat soon!

Relaxing Diva 💁🏽 


Awww…the weekend!

Here we are again, the weekend is upon us! I never have much plan, but in my brian I have lots to do. Today I have decided to clean the house, it looks like 5 kids live here with my son and hubby being home all the damn time. LOL drives my OCD nuts! So I’m going to clean because I’m about to die seeing the little dust spots everywhere. Also I have decided I need to clean my office and do a little decorating. My vision board hasn’t been touched in months, and if I’m going to heal I need an action plan. (pics to come) Other than that I’m up well rested and drinking a Bud Light, (it’s 5 somewhere) good grief……lol! So let me get this cleaning done, wishing you all the best Saturday. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran