Cooking while Depressed is Bad😲🍽

Substituting food for alcohol is bad, and I’ve been trying to stay away from both. Today as I posted earlier, I made 6 Cheese Penne Pasta for my son. This dish is full of cream and cheeses, which I love so much!😍 I have been eating a little more lately and it’s getting pretty awful. I usually eat little or no breakfast, but then I binge at night right before bed time. Yes I know this is bad, but give me a break I just can’t quit cold turkey. Food or alcohol shouldn’t be a good to thing to cure depression, but it’s either or right now and I choose food!!!😝 Besides cooking does relax me, for that hour I’m in food heaven😊At least with food I don’t wake up feeling like crap, but on the other hand my arteries probably will clog later. Ok let me stop I’m depressing myself…one of these days I will go down the healthy road. So here’s some pics of the before and after, sinful delicious pasta dish I made today!!! Most of the ingredients are found at your local grocery, and can be a bit pricey if you go for the expensive cheese! I like to stick to store brands, but fresh Mozzarella definitely makes this dish so spend money on that one. 

You can use any cheese you like, I used:


Fresh Mozzarella 

Shredded White Cheedar

Shredded Mozzarella 


Yellow Cheedar Cheese

Heavy Whipping Cream

Tyson Ready to Eat Chicken

Box of Penne Pasta

Looks delicious right?????😋 Believe me it was!!!!