When Life Seems Hard, Try This…

So today I was feeling a little aggravated, but that quickly changed once I got home and tried calming myself down. I have to learn a bad moment shouldn’t turn into a bad life. I sometimes overreact for no reason at all. I don’t know, I just feel like things should be coming together a lot faster than they are. Well I decided to take some advice from some of the blogs and books I read at night, maybe these things will work. Nothing wrong with trying right?????

  • Take a Nap: Now, this is one of my favorites because I do love to sleep, but it can sometime be my downfall.
  • List The Things You Are Grateful Now:I have a hard time with this, because my negative brain talks me right out of it.
  • Eat Chocolate: Again another favorite, I usually go overboard but it taste so good!
  • Binge Watch Your Favorite Show: I’m a fan of the Golden Girls, I’m always in a happy place when the girls are on.
  • Listen To Your Music Extra Loud: Another fav, I enjoy rap music that takes me back to my teenage years.
  • Take a Nice Hot Bath: Yes this works, just like Friday past I took a hot bath in the middle of the day and boy I don’t regret it.
  • Walk: Of course I do this twice a day, and believe me it works. It’s a little hot here, but walking under the trees in the forest kind of relaxes me. Please watch out for all the snakes that like to hide, lol!
  • Just Let Go: You have to realize that things will get better, I have to really focus on this one the most. I’m really trying.

Well now either think of some things you could add to this list, or try these!

I’m on a journey to get well again, don’t want to have this disease take over the rest of my life, hope this encourages one of you as well. It’s all about self care….

Ms. Fran