Is It Possible to Feel Sad and Happy at Once🤔

So it’s raining out and I’m feeling a little bit sad, but happy! Happy I’m going out with friends tonight for dinner, nothing fancy just enjoying each other. I really need this company today, because I’m about to fall apart. Well have the date of when my grand baby will be here, although I’m totally excited, I’m also so sad. I had hope to be in better position financially, hell and mentally. I just was hoping to be this fabulous, rich, powerful woman by now. I hate my grandson has to come into this world, looking at the failure I’ve become. He deserves so much more, he also doesn’t need to have his fathers fate being handle by some judge. I’m just a mess over this!!! But then I’m sooo happy, because I can’t wait to see his cute little face staring up at me. So I ask again can you be happy and sad at the same time????? Chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran


She Gave me Homework🙄

So I totally forgot she give me homework today, I’m suppose to read and try to master some of these tasks. Every task is a daily struggle, but I try so hard. She also taught me some new breathing techniques. I’m suppose to inhale the negative comment and exhale a positive one, I think it has helped. I managed to stay in my little office until the thunder started rumbling. We all know I’m terrified of rain and thunder, lol! At least I got one of my projects done! Yay Me 😊👍🏽 So take a look at my little homework and maybe write down what you struggle with, or what your good at!!! Hope it helps!!! Chat soon

Ms. Fran