Father’s Day Memories!

Happy Father’s Day to all my WordPress followers who are dads, hope your day is full of love. This day makes me a little sad, because my dad isn’t the same dad as 3 years ago. He is now stuck in a stroke body, using a walker, can barely get around. See I don’t have memories like you all did from childhood, my childhood was stained. I do however have memories after we reconnected when I was 19 and about to give birth to my son. For years we didn’t even know if he was in town, let alone alive. He was a really weird guy who didn’t want responsibility, he was able to be a free spirit while mom supported us the best she could. For years I always imagine what it would be like to run to my dad when things got bad. For years I use to wait for the mail, in hopes that he would write. None of those things came true, but I managed to live my life without a father figure. I use to always think of all the things I would say to him when the time came, would I yell, cry, or freeze up. To be honest, I did nothing. I acted like the 12-year-old girl back in grade school. I was happy to see him, a wave of emotions running through my body. And ever since me and him have been cool buddies. Then the stroke happened….caught us all by surprise. Well you all know that story, roles are reverse and I’m now taking care of him. So today we will continue to make new memories…..again have a wonderful father’s day dads out there. Cherish all your memories…chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran


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