I Got Shit Done Today!

Yay!!! I officially got some things checked off my list today, might not seem like much to others but I’m super happy. First off I have to be honest, the only reason why I had a little bit more motivation was because my hubby is home. See I think I remember writing that he has decided to drive local, meaning he is home every damn day. So instead of retreating to my bed for a nap, I have to pretend to look productive. Today instead of pretending I actually did work, got both off my new websites together, manage to answer a few emails, cut some weeds up outside, and cleaned some clutter. I feel really good about that, and I’m now pretty tired. Hopefully I can get some sleep from being tired, instead of worrying. I also manage not to go back on my fast, I really had the urge for a glass of wine, but nope! So Monday was really good for me, hoping things will improve day by day. So I will read a couple of scriptures before bed and declutter my mind. Hope this day was productive for you all as well. Chat soon……

Ms. Fran