I’m On A Roll!!!

So I took some of my on advice today, and I must say I feel good. I was a little upset this morning, did a little crying, but I got my ass up and continued my day. I explained to my son that everything is in God’s hands, nothing else we can do. We have to continue praying and letting go. But I have to admit, today was very hard and I felt myself running back down my dark hole. So I decided to continue finishing up some projects and kept myself busy. I also have to admit that, I just don’t have all the answers for my son. I mean what do you do in this situation? I thought my days of worrying about him was over, I guess not! Oh well I’m just going to keep reading and throwing myself into work. Yes, my house cleaning business is starting to pick back up! Everyone is pretty happy that I’m back in the cleaning game, so it’s a busy rest of the week. Hope you all felt pretty optimistic today, remember we have to force ourselves to see the good even in a bad day. Chat soon…

Ms. Fran